Titan to debut next-generation Goodyear LSW lines at Farm Progress 2015

DES MOINES, IOWA — Titan Tire Corporation is pleased to announce that an expanded line of Goodyear LSW tires will be introduced at Farm Progress 2015. The next-generation LSW tractor, combine and grain cart tires will allow growers to carry 40 percent higher loads at the same inflation pressure as standard tires, or carry the same load at 40 percent lower inflation pressures. These expanded inflation capabilities, combined with the industry-exclusive LSW design, result in reduced soil compaction, and have been proven to minimize road lope and power hop for a smoother, more productive operating experience.

“With standard IF/VF tires, users often have to boost inflation pressures in order to avoid stability issues like road lope and power hop — but by doing that, they sacrifice the reduced soil compaction benefits those tires were built to achieve,” explains Scott Sloan, agricultural product manager for Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires. “With LSW, users don’t have to make that kind of sacrifice, because road lope and power hop are minimized regardless of inflation pressures, and you still get the benefits of reduced soil compaction when properly inflated.”

Titan and Goodyear Farm Tires will be located at booth 1233 in the Northeast Quadrant during the show, and visitors are encouraged to try out the expanded LSW line at the Titan Ride ‘n’ Drive event (Northeast Exhibit Field) to witness the benefits of the technology first hand.


The Goodyear OPTITRAC line features the most popular and proven Goodyear tread design, which is 25 percent deeper than conventional R-1 tires for increased traction. The 45-degree lug angle promotes a unique self-cleaning action, making the OPTITRAC series particularly suited to wet soil conditions. The latest additions to the OPTITRAC LSW line will be at Farm Progress, and they include MFWD row crop, combine and grain cart sizes.

MFWD row crop


Extreme Flotation (Combine and 4WD)

Goodyear Muck Master LSW

The Muck Master series is outfitted with a unique high lug-to-void tread design that is especially effective for manure handling operations. The tires can handle heavy loads and longer distances of roading compared to other comparably sized tires, and the unique perpendicular angle of the lugs makes for easier rolling, for reduced resistance and improved fuel consumption. New size additions to the Muck Master LSW lineup include:


Goodyear Custom Flo Grip LSW

The Custom Flo Grip LSW was designed in collaboration with a Arkansas-based multi-line tire dealer whose customers needed a high-flotation option with R-2 treads for rice and cane applications, but were having serious issues with road loping during transport when using existing (competitive) 1250-sized tires on the market. The Custom Flo Grip brings the best of both worlds in terms of flotation and traction, as well as smooth roading. This new size combination is available as an Extreme Flotation option on select 2016 John Deere combines.

For more information about LSW and to see the complete LSW product offering, visit LSWadvantage.com.

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