Titan Introduces DTE4 Haul Truck Tire to Lineup

QUINCY, Ill — Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc., is pleased to announce the introduction of the DTE4 Haul Truck Tire to their lineup of mining tires. The DTE4 offers a radial construction and a deep lug tread pattern that provides enhanced durability, excellent heat dissipation and superior traction in harsh mining conditions.

“Titan is investing in the OTR business to help support the mining industry.  We developed the 33.00R51 tire to increase the supply of this hard to find product,” said Paul Hawkins, vice president of OTR sales at Titan.

The DTE4 features a E-4 tread depth that promotes long tread life and excellent traction, while the open, non-directional tread pattern provides for excellent self cleaning and extra bite on the ground. A open center tread design helps reduce internal heat generation and allows the heat to more easily dissipate, reducing tire fatigue and extending tire life.

Available in four sizes — 18.00R33, 24.00R35, 27.00R49 and 33.00R51 — and a variety of compounds, the DTE4 provides the versatility to meet the needs of nearly any demanding mining application. 

Titan Tires are manufactured by Titan Tire Corporation, a subsidiary of Titan International, Inc. (NYSE:TWI), a holding company that owns subsidiaries that supply wheels, tires and assemblies for off-highway equipment used in agricultural, earthmoving/construction and consumer (including all terrain vehicles) applications. For more information or to find a Titan Tire Dealer, visit www.titan-intl.com.